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LANGO is a free web portal and phone app working together to teach languages to refugees and migrants.  Learn English, Dutch, French, Greek, or Turkish.

Considering the troubled political situations in the Middle East and Asia, migration has increased in Turkey and the EU. Therefore, additional tools are needed to integrate the immigrants and refugees arriving there. 

The core of successful integration is language acquisition. Mobile applications are successful educational resources for refugees and newcomers who are primarily digitally literate and interested in new technologies. In the framework of this project, we focus on establishing a language-learning solution that is free, fun, and easy to use for all levels of language proficiency.  LANGO enables refugees and new-comers to study and learn languages and become familiar with the culture of their new country. This mobile application will be ready for download on the application markets free of cost in 2021. 

The application will consist of five target languages (Turkish, English, Dutch, French, and Greek) and ten support languages: Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Urdu, Punjabi, Sorani, Kurmanji, Somali, Tigrinya, Albanian.

The LANGO phone app will include subjects that are necessary for linguistic and cultural adaptation in a new country. Illustrated vocabulary to facilitate recognition. Audio files for pronunciation nuances.  Animated audio-visual content to engage users in innovative ways. The topics will involve country-specific concepts to assist integration in each of the partner countries.  

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The Foundation for Women and Welfare is engaged in matters of social importance such as first and second-line health care, voluntary work, education, reintegration as well as Mediation & Life coaching.
Through training, courses and theme

days, we share our knowledge about social issues that affect ethnic groups. We also fulfil an advisory role for professionals to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.
The activities we organise relate to Dutch language classes, recreation, sport, art, culture and citizenship.
The ultimate purpose of our organisation is to have people integrated expediently into Dutch Society.

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LANGO is an Erasmus+ funded project

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