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The language learning material includes extensive vocabulary glossaries on different topics in each partner language and English, which will be used for creating language material packages with different kinds of activities and exercises for the phone app and web portal. The material will be created by each partner, in the partner languages and in English, as agreed. The material packages will consist of PDF files – worksheets, games, flashcards, discussion cards, material made into info-graphics, Prezi presentations, interactive exercises, images and the expected amount per partner language is between 50-100 worksheets/cards/exercises. The material will be uploaded on the web portal, which will contain the downloadable materials organized per language and according to the European framework of reference for languages A1-B2. The material will be uploaded on the portal for all learners as well as disseminated through different social media and other channels. The partners will keep an index of all the material made and it will be made available for the interim and final report. The project partners will also create cultural material, such as information e.g country profiles (fact sheets) about different EU countries and migrant countries. Each partner researches 2-3 EU countries and 1-2 countries of origin for immigrants in EU and creates a country profile for them. The country profiles i.e. fact sheets will at the same time teach the end users about the cultures in the different EU countries hence enhancing their knowledge about other nationalities while practicing the second language. The country profiles will be used to create cultural language material with questions, discussions, vocabulary and grammar exercises, flashcards with trivia about different EU/ immigrant countries, discussion questions etc. In addition, there will be a large collection of links and material from external sources that can be used as language learning material.

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