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The Lango portal will be made in an open-source environment. It will contain the audiovisual content along with quizzes games and lessons in accompaniment, material bank, and News and Events area, as well as a forum for members. The downloadable materials organized per language and according to the European framework of reference for languages A1-B2. There will be an area for language learners containing as well as a section for the users to submit questions, feedback, ideas and suggestions for running the app and web portal. The web portal will also feature a forum for all users, including a chatroom for exchanging experiences and to look for language exchange partners, with the possibility of video conferences. We will also have the cultural calendar on the website. Onsite analytics will be used to track the visits on the websites and to be able to create web traffic reports for the dissemination report. The web portal will be a meeting point for language learners and participants, as well as having all the material created within the project easily available for everyone. With the networks of the partners and their dissemination capacity, as well as with the excellent technical expertise, the portal has the potential to become a widely popular service.

Web portal: What We Do
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